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Hayley Reid RSHom

My name is Hayley Reid and am the Homeopath at HcHc.

I am one of the leading homeopaths in the Huddersfield area, dealing with a large majority of health problems, including a special interest in children’s health and adult mental health.

As a member of the Society of Homeopaths I am signed up to a strict code of conduct and ethics, so you can be confident that you are in safe hands when you choose my services.

I was introduced to homeopathy over 12 years ago when my family was young and I needed medical care but was not happy with what conventional medicine had to offer, I was amazed by the affect it had on me, however it was when my daughter was hospitalised at 10 months with suspected asthma and treatment from a qualified homeopath relieved all the symptoms I was sold on Homeopathy and never looked back. Since that time it has been the major form of health care for my whole family and am happy to say there has been no need for an antibiotics, inhalers or similar.

holding handsNot content with being a patient I started my informal study of Homeopathy the more I found out the more my passion grew. I went on to study for 7 years at 2 of the leading centres of homeopathic training in the UK and have had the benefit of being taught by some of the best international teachers modern homeopathy has to offer. I graduated with a diploma in homeopathic medicine in 2006, during this time I was also required to gain qualifications in anatomy and physiology and pathology and disease.

As I am committed to continued professional development i have subsequently taken part in numerous post graduate training courses, specialising in children’s health and adult mental health. Through my years of practice I have seen patients with many and varied symptoms from recurrent infection to chronic skin problems, and from post viral syndromes to anxiety and depression.

My interests beyond homeopathy include, gardening, cooking, hill walking, Jungian and Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, meditation and eastern religions. I am also trained to reiki level 1.

For more information about Hayley or Homeopathy please visit 


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