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Exciting workshop coming up this month

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For more information please click the link above
The day will be run by myself (homeopath), Sue Salmon(medical herbalist) and Maureen McGeorge (flower essence practitioner) I will be doing a stress busting meditation and covering the use of Homeopathic Medicine in acute stress situations, this will be a practical & experiential. Sue will be covering diet and herbs to help counter stress in the modern world including information of how to use herbs in the home in the form of teas. Maureen will be explaining how flower essences work as well giving you the chance to experience how oils can help with a shoulder and neck massage. There will be plenty of time for discussion and 1 to 1 time with each of the practitioners.

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Postponement of children’s workshop & consultation

The practitioners at HcHc want to make our workshops as helpful and accessible as possible, So we have listened to the feedback from parents and have decided to postpone the ‘Treating children’s health in an holistic way’ workshop and put together a shorter workshop and give people plenty of notice.
We would like to know more about what would and wouldn’t work for people please come back and fill in the short survey which will be posted over the weekend and let us know what you think.

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‘Managing Children’s Health in an Holistic Way’

We are Pleased to announce that the 1st of our 3 summer workshops will be running on Sunday the 18th of May. ‘Managing Children’s Health in an Holistic Way’ will be presented by our Homeopath, Medical Herbalist, ETF practitioner and Flower Essence Therapist.
It aims to give parents of young children tools to help them make appropriate natural healthcare choices, such as how to treat common ailments as well as dietary and emotional issues.
The day workshop will start at 10am and finish at 4pm, and includes a light lunch (all vegetarian, some gluten free)
The cost of the workshop is £35, However if you book 3+ places on the workshop this will reduces to £25.
The venue is The Red and Green Club, 42 Bankwell Road, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, HD3 4LU. there is free parking next to the building.
Do book early by e-mailing us on,
And look out for further information about the individual presentations

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Homeopathic First Aid

Yesterday at SOMA day during my talk i was asked some great questions and i shall be posting my answers to some of those over the next few days.
This one first “do you use Homeopathic remedies for first aid and what would be in my kit?”
Yes i have a travel kit i use and some of the top remedies i have in it are-
Arnica for bruising and over tired muscles a must for mums with toddlers and sports people. Its also good for shock where the person insists they are OK (think the monty python black night sketch ‘its just a flesh wound’)
Belladonna for fevers where the patient is hot/red/dilated pupils and especially when they start looking or acting confused or fearful. A great alternative for parents to try before reaching for the calpol.
Apis for insect bites where they skin goes inflamed, red and puffy. Handy to take on holiday.
Rhus Tox for sprains or stains (even arthritic pains) which ‘limber up’ as you get moving. Walkers/joggers take note of this.
Ruta for sprains and strains which get worse for use and movement. good for the outward bound types.
Aconite good for shock where the patient feels fearful and a good one to try at the very start of a cold where there is sudden onset sore throat.
The above are all best used in a 200c potency and can be repeated frequently up to 5-6 doses (if they haven’t done the trick after that they are unlikely to)
Hope that’s of help folk 🙂